With the job finished yesterday, I just want to say, again, how thrilled I am by the work your guys have done.

I love my house and Mahani, Gustavo and the rest of the team have done beautiful work transforming it. It’s not the same house any more. That was a comment from my nephew the other day. It is a different house and I just love the way it’s been transformed with beautiful new floors and my back room now leading out to the backyard, where, with all the old sheds and other eyesores gone, I have a new, bigger, backyard that I’m going to enjoy transforming as well.

All your boys are amazing and so polite and just NICE. They never left a mess and went above and beyond. Mahani even moved an old fridge out of the garage for me for the Council to collect after my nephew said it was too heavy to move. I was waiting for two nephews to turn up to get it out, but Mahani had it outside before they turned up.

I’ve had numerous comments about the work and many have asked for your details.

The front of the house will be next, but not just yet as I’m taking a break from it all, but I’ll certainly be in touch again.

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